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Liverpool 2023

The Mealings were asked to express the Liverpool 2023 document, put together by Liverpool Council, as a website that would be engaging and easy to use despite the large amount of content. From wireframes, to design, to development, the Mealings worked with the team at Liverpool Council to deliver a vibrant and fresh website.

About Us.

Leesa Mealing

Leesa is a graphic/digital designer with 5 years industry experience. She has worked to constantly refine her design skills and knowledge and loves experimenting in various mediums via her sideproject The Makers Society.

Leesa's foundation in digital means that she understand IA, user flow, interaction, and what makes a user experience great.

Leesa is a problem solver, and creates simple, elegant solutions.

Samuel Mealing

Sam is a web developer with a passion for front end web development, with back end know-how to support that.

Using cutting edge technology and the latest web standards, Sam crafts lean, mean and clean code that runs like greased lightning.

Sam will work alongside designers to see their vision come to life and pull off pixel perfection, creating something that will last for years.